10 Reasons God Made Eve

10 . Our Lord was concerned Adam would likely end up lost since
he would not simply ask directions.

9. The almighty realized Adam would certainly sooner or later need to have somebody to track down and
then pass him the remote control.

8. God almighty knew Adam would certainly not step out to shop for a fresh fig
leaf once his wore away so that he would need to have somebody to purchase
one for him.

7. Our Lord was sure Adam would probably never ever manage to make a doctor,
dentist, or even barbershop visit for himself.

6. Our father came to the realization that Adam would on no account keep in mind which evening was trash night.

5. God almighty grasped the fact if the earth was to be filled, Adam would definitely in
no way manage to cope with the agony or pains of child-bearing

4. As master of the garden space, Adam would definitely not recall exactly
where he abandoned his tools.

3. Adam required somebody to blame his conditions on whenever God spotted
the man trying to hide in the garden.

2. “It’s bad for a person to be by themselves .”

The Number 1 Reason God Made Eve Was:

1. As The lord completed his creation, Adam, He moved backward,
scratched his noggin, and then declared, “I need to do a lot better than that !”

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